About Me


​I am a lover of life, nature, and your best cheerleader for life and love. I am a believer of love to the core. Love will and should conquer all. Through love for ourselves and others we have it all. I share with you my experiences because I know what it feels like to be stuck, unsure, and out of line with your authentic self. I have been there. Not too long ago actually. Through connection, love, self-care practices and dedication to my dreams I have reconnected with who I am and I am unstoppable in helping others reconnect with themselves. With my certifications as a Certified Professional Life Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and as a Certified Instructor with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, I am confident I can help you in all aspects of your life! Through nutrition, self-care practices and being your number one cheerleader I believe you have the capacity to love your life in every single way!

We believe all women can connect with their authentic self, build a life they love and can change the world.

- Kaley Guy

Our Mission

To bring a little, ok maybe a lot, of light and love to women all over our community. Through nutrition, cooking classes and workshops, life coaching, community groups, and retreats we will connect women from all over the world with one goal in mind -- to increase love and connection! And most importantly, to help each woman love her life!


Our Vision

To communicate so deeply that it reaches in the most inner part of a woman and ignites her fire to strive forward. To love so compassionately that each and every person we work with feels purely loved. As a direct result of being genuinely loved, one woman will have the spark inside to spread this love to herself and her community there by catepolting love around the world. I will spark the fire, raw passion and compassion of one woman and through this love she will begin to produce love for herself and others. Love for her life!

With Love, 


Start Loving Your Life TODAY and Work with Kaley