My Story

It was through motherhood, that made me question my nutritional habits and decisions. I started to question everything that I was putting into and onto our bodies. I slowly revamped my nutritional values and habits completely. I did this by cutting out refined sugar and processed foods, gluten, and eating only whole foods at their most natural form. Through this journey, I fell in love with the kitchen, creating new recipes and guzzling down all the green smoothies! 


Coming from a humble beginning, I grew up in a small town where being part of a community meant you were a part of one big family. This upbringing gave me the foundation and grounding to cultivate the biggest, baddest dreams you could ever imagine.

I grew up taking care of my horses, spending time outside and being the ultimate cheerleader for my friends and teammates. I learned the importance of cheering each other on at a young age, and was the MVP when it came to inspiring people around me. Growing up, spirit days were naturally some of my best days.

My passion to help others continued to grow like a wild flower inside me. In college I studied Mental Health and Addictions and then went on to university where I studied Family Studies and Community Services and Social Services. Just shy of a year away from graduating, I became pregnant with my daughter, Lilyrae. She is the light of my life, and a gift to this world I never imagined giving. While working furiously to finish my degree and graduate, this lovebug showed me all the love and joy you could imagine.

My love for nutrition continued to grow and lead me to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, where I studied and became a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, in hopes that one day I could help others with their nutritional needs! Simultaneously, I joined a group of amazing women and life coach to detox my life! This combination was incredibly powerful in planting the seed to blossom into my authentic self.


Shortly after these courses, I met my husband, and we’re currently working hard to cultivate the life that we both dream about. Becoming a stepmother of two, and growing my little family of two to five has been an adventure! In May 2018, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Delilah. She is beautiful, loving, energetic and so full of joy. Being a mom of two beautiful girls is a blessing and I can’t wait to help them make their dreams come true.

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My lovey buggy ❤️ these last 7 months ha

When I’m not raising my family, you can find me drinking a strong cup of coffee, or a well brewed tea. Simultaneously, I am usually reading a personal or professional development book. I am telling you, the words from leaders and inspirational thinkers all over the world move me and make me want to jump and clap all over my house! My daughter calls me the stompin', clappin', momma! I will take it! I’m not sure about you but when I am excited about life, I like to clap and stomp my feet! I usually do this to the song, “We Will Rock You” beat (you know it, I know you do! And if you don’t go google it). 

Personal development is non-negotiable i

Sometimes, I even belt out “I will always love you” in an elongated rendition where I am totally off beat and belting down and around my house. And some days, I even do the two together! Yup, I know it, I am a crazy lady who gets excited about life and physically moves my body to show it! What can I say, I love my life! On top of all of those fun habits I got goin’ on, I love me a good solid walk. There is nothing more peaceful than going for a walk while listening to the birds chirp, smelling beautiful fresh country air, while soaking up a crisp cool breeze in the warm sun.  

Of Wild Dawn Photography, Ottawa Family

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