• Kaley Guy

Fail Forward

Failing forward each and every day is our ultimate success.

Obstacles are part of our journey and personal growth. The quality of our obstacles and the degree in which we overcome and work through these obstacles measures how successful and accomplished we feel. I want you to consider this analogy…

I want you to envision yourself playing on a soccer field. Imagine it is just you and a ball. You are just kicking that ball around. No net, no direction or game. You play with the ball for a little while but eventually, you become bored, right?

Now, I want you to come back to the soccer field and I want you to add nets on both side, but still just you and the ball. Again, you tire and get bored fairly quickly and feel like there is no purpose of the game you are playing, so you quit.

Now, I want you to imagine you are playing against a 2 year old. You have fun for a little while but you are winning against a 2 year old. You have no obstacles, no challenge, just you winning and scoring over and over again. Again, the fun doesn't last for very long.

Next, I want you to vision that you are playing a game against another person but this time, the person has the same skill level as you. It is not too challenging, but just enough obstacles to keep you juggling and motivated to continue to play.

The degree to which you handle your obstacles, and work through your challenges up against this other moderate player, the more you are going to feel successful, and that you are playing a good game. Even if you don’t win against the other person, at least you had a good game!

So now, I want you to use this analogy and apply it to your own life. Think about all the obstacles that come your way. The obstacles that get in the way of you achieving success with your nutrition or personal development goals. Yes, of course it is not fun to have obstacles come our way, but if we didn’t have them, do you really think you would continue to strive towards these goals, if it was easy and you had no challenge at all to achieve them? How fun do you think that would be? You would have no sense of accomplishment or feelings of success!

Instead of seeing your obstacles as STOPS, we need to shift our perspective and see them as opportunities to GROW! Obstacles give us the experience and teach us how to flourish, learn, and MOVE FORWARD! This is your success. Failing forward each and every day is your ultimate success.

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