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The Superheroes of Life

Becoming a mom again in the last year has really got me thinking. Mothers are quite literally disguised superheroes. Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, Adopted Mamas, Almost Mamas, I am talking all-the-mamas.

I've got quite a few friends with kids, and it just blows my mind how a person can do everything at all times. We really are the most multitasking, schedule coordinating, food cooking, snot wiping, tear fixer, and above all, a safe and comforting place for all our kiddies. We are home.

It is the most exhausting, and exhilarating journey I have ever been on. Growing up, I never thought I was going to be a Mom. I mean, I had all these dreams, being a Mom just was never the forefront of my dreams. I mean it was there, but it was in the background somewhere, that was going to happen after all of the 'things'. And by things, I mean, the travelling, schooling, relationship building, moving across the country to touch the trees and mountains, and just do whatever I wanted to do. But then, the universe had another plan for me. And that plan was for me to become a Mom, before any of those things happened. What I didn't know then, was that becoming a Mother was my journey, calling, and would ultimately bring me to my purpose. It brought me here after-all.

There are so many things that us as Mom's sacrifice for our children in the wake of their needs. I have watched most the women in my life literally put themselves last on their list for months, more like years at a time to raise their children. To be there, to be present, to make the food, give the hugs, fold the laundry, drive to extra-curricular activities, bake the healthy muffins, get the birthday gift, oh my goodness the list never ends, then we go to bed and we do it all the next day! How lucky are we? No, I am serious! It is amazing this beautiful, crazy life with kids. It truly truly is amazing! We are superheroes. You are a superhero.

Then there are the single moms who are doing this by themselves! Yes, you read that right. They are doing all of the same responsibilities by themselves. Yup, two hands, not four, and with the same amount of children. You my love, are a superhero!

The stepmoms, I see you! We are raising, loving, teaching our stepchildren in all the ways. There are challenges that you will be faced with that you never imagined, a family, an extra extended family with all the beautiful messiness that blended families bring. It isn't what you planned for or imagined when you were a kid, but it is what your life brought to you. Step parenting has been a journey for me, with ups and downs, twists and turns, all the while navigating being a mom to my daughters. It is, I think one of the more challenging journeys my life has brought me. It certainly is. But, it is worth it. Oh my goodness, it is worth it. Our kids, get to be loved and love more than we could have ever imagined. That is a blessing.

To the mommas who are just goin' for it or who are on the brink of just givin'er into their pursuit of their dreams! Oh my goodness! Life is so exciting and I am so excited for you. You got this, and you can do it. I 100% believe in you! Honestly, I do.

For the soon to be mommas, the almost mommas and the women who are dreaming to become a mother. Your journey awaits you, whatever that may look like or end up being, I truly believe the universe will deliver. I am excited for you, because I believe. And, I am sending my love because you are going to need it for the next step ahead.

I'm not entirely sure what my intention was for this post other than to reach out to my fellow Moms. I see you with the dirty hair, and unshaved legs, and the pullin' it together messy bun. Oh my goodness, I basically just described myself. Yikes! We got this, we were made for this, and we are doin' it! It is time to say yes to you, in midst of all the chaos, because if not now, when? If not here, where? If not, this dream, WHAT dream will you make happen? Whatever dream you've got living inside of you, whether its to change the world, run a 5K or marathon, bake those muffins every day, or just getting on top of all of the stuff, YOU CAN DO IT! And, I am here to cheer you on!

Let's do this!

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